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  • People help dig cars out of deep snow | WANE

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  • Mid-March snowstorm | Dangerous travel in Huntington | photoMojo | WANE.COM

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  • I-69 slick and hazardous in DeKalb County | WANE

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  • Heavy rain brings floods, high waters | High waters on the road | photoMojo | WANE.COM

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  • Blogs

    […] when it comes to the warning process and understanding how severe storms are behaving. Our Report!t feature is a great way for you to send pictures and reports when any weather threatens. Many times, the […]

  • Cattle on the loose disrupts traffic | WANE

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  • Joe Labarbera

    Huntertown power outage

  • A Never-Before-Seen Meteor Shower This Week | Blogs

    […] There’s so many things working in our favor for this one! High pressure will likely stay in control at this time, which means we’ll stay dry with only a few clouds hindering the view. Complete obstruction is highly unlikely. Also, it’s happening on a weekend, so many of you can stay up late and check it out. For those that get awesome pictures, we’d love if you’d share them! Send them to NewsChannel 15 using our Report!t feature by clicking here.  […]

  • Meteor shower update | Blogs

    […] If should get any good pics or video, please send them to us using ReportIt. […]

  • Semi fire closes part of interstate in DeKalb County |

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  • Outrage after breastfeeding mom asked to cover up |

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  • Smiley face defaces MLK image |

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  • Hate speech on MLK bridge prompted quick removal |

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  • Some impressive hail reports | Blogs

    […] out some of these impressive pictures of hail sent in using our Report!t feature. An afternoon round of storms dropped large hail in parts of Huntington, Wells, and Defiance […]

  • Some damage pictures | Blogs

    […] Our second round of severe storms this weekend has come to an end. The storms did unfortunately leave behind some damage. Winds of up to 70 mph and large hail were all reported with these storms. We received a lot of pictures of downed trees, power lines, and hail. Here are just a few. We want to encourage you to send any of your storm pictures to us using our Report!t feature.  […]

  • Another “supermoon” | Blogs

    […] Don’t forget to send us your photos using our Report!t feature! […]

  • Tuesday Storm Pics | Blogs

    […] Thanks to everyone for all the storm pics submitted so far.  We continue to make additions to our online photo gallery as we receive your photos through Report It. […]

  • Tuesday’s storm reports | Blogs

    […] Report It Submission from Steve Rollins […]

  • Heavy rain causes road closures | WANE

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  • Beautiful sunrise and sunset | Blogs

    […] over the last few days have been magnificent! We received numerous submissions via email and our Report!t feature of beautiful and vivid colors in the sky. Below you’ll find one from Gabe Wagoner near Rome […]

  • Storm pics and videos | Blogs

    […] you have some photos you’d like to see added to the gallery, please submit them using Report!t I also wanted to share this fun video of an Auburn family reacting to the hail storm as it […]

  • More fall photos | Blogs

    […] As you can imagine, with the fall colors reaching their peak, more and more viewer pics of beautiful leafy landscapes have been filling our inboxes. I’ve posted some of the new ones that have come in below…but, don’t forget to check out our larger fall photo gallery here.  Add your fall pics to our online collection, by sending them to us using Report It. […]

  • Rain, snow won’t damper trick-or-treating | WANE

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  • Holiday season kicks off in Fort Wayne | WANE

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  • Light displays spread holiday cheer | WANE

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