Russia examines all possible reasons for Black Sea jet crash

All 84 passengers and eight crew members on the Russian military’s Tu-154 plane are believed to have died when it crashed two minutes after taking off at 5:25 a.m. in good weather from the southern Russian city of Sochi.

WANE-TV honors the 2016 “Fab 15”

For the fourth year in a row WANE-TV has honored the best high school football players in northeast Indiana with the “Fab 15.”

‘Home for the holidays’ means something new to several area families

Tonya Doughty has big plans for Christmas Day. She gets to cook in her own home, and she’s got quite the feast planned. Christmas at home almost didn’t happen for Doughty and her seven children. Like millions around the nation, the family was without a home until just a few days ago.

Politics, protests, Pokemon Go dominate 2016 headlines

2016’s most memorable national news headlines ranged from presidential politics, to passionate, sometimes violent protests to the deaths of celebrities, along with mass shootings, deadly hurricanes, fires and Pokemon Go.

New bridge between Indiana and Kentucky not on Apple Maps

The $763 million bridge named after 19th Century explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark took more than three years to build. It offers a bypass route for travelers who want to avoid downtown Louisville traffic.

My Hometown: Embody Dance

My Hometown features stories about local entrepreneurs, hobbyist or business owners. This month’s features Embody Dance, a freeing dance gathering new to Fort Wayne.