Prosecutors: No charges for deputy who killed boy

The parents of a 13-year-old boy say they felt they had lost their son again after prosecutors said they would not file criminal charges against a Northern California sheriff’s deputy who shot and killed him, mistaking a pellet gun he was carrying for an assault rifle.

All riders now off disabled California coaster

A roller coaster hit a tree branch at the Six Flags Magic Mountain amusement park Monday, dislodging the front car, leaving four people slightly injured and keeping nearly two dozen summer fun-seekers hanging 20 to 30 feet in the air for hours as day turned to night.

NYPD arrests mother of abandoned baby

Authorities were notified of the woman’s whereabouts by someone who recognized her from photos and video police released showing a woman pushing the child through a subway turnstile.

LaPorte man arrested for child porn

A LaPorte man is facing felony child pornography and child exploitation charges after police served a search warrant at his home.

One of two missing gnomes returned

A Fort Wayne woman who asked for help after thieves got away with two of her 70 pound gnomes said one of them was returned after NewsChannel 15 covered her story.

Photos: Gnomes

A woman is asking for help in finding the thieves who stole two 70lbs gnomes.

General Motors-Recall

How GM’s ignition switch redesign went wrong

When the switch supplier, Delphi, pointed out tests showing the switches turned too easily, DeGiorgio told Delphi not to change them because he was concerned mechanical alterations would harm the switch’s electrical performance, according to Valukas.

56 cent pancakes at IHOP

In honor of IHOP’s 56th birthday, the company is offering a short stack of pancakes at special price.