Red Cross in ‘critical’ need of blood donors

The Red Cross has added more than 25,000 additional appointment slots at donation centers and community blood drives across the country over the next few weeks to accommodate more donors.

NYC cop ambushed, shot to death while sitting in truck

A New York City police officer was shot to death early Wednesday, ambushed in a marked police truck and “assassinated in an unprovoked attack” by a man with a revolver who was later killed by officers, police said.

Iraqi commander says 300 IS fighters holed up in Mosul

Lt. Gen. Sami al-Aridi of Iraq’s special forces said Wednesday that the militants are confined to a 500 square meter (600 sq. yard) area.

He spoke the day after Iraq’s Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi congratulated the armed forces on a “big victory” in Mosul, despite ongoing clashes.

Ukrainian minister: cyberattack cost my department millions

Ukrainian officials have yet to put a dollar amount on the total damage or even estimate its scope. The disruption is in any case ongoing, with some gas stations and post offices still struggling to get back online.

Omelyan, who spoke to the AP at the ministry’s press center, said the post office’s “archaic” systems were particularly vulnerable and that some branches lost every last computer to the attack.

China invites foreign experts to treat Nobel laureate Liu

The judicial bureau for the northeastern city of Shenyang said Wednesday in an online statement that Liu’s family members made a request for foreign experts and Liu’s medical team agreed. Liu, China’s best-known political prisoner, is being treated at a Shenyang hospital for late-stage liver cancer diagnosed in late May.

Head of Vatican hospital can’t believe concerns

The AP reported that a secret Vatican-commissioned investigation had come to that conclusion and found violations of basic medical protocols. The Vatican secretary of state confirmed past problems but said Enoc’s administration was resolving them.

Gordon Hayward choses Celtics over Jazz, Heat

Hayward told Utah officials that he is moving on after seven seasons with the Jazz and that he picked Boston, making the announcement Tuesday evening on The Players’ Tribune site .

Tensions rise as Washington says NKorea tested its 1st ICBM

In a show of force directly responding to North Korea’s provocation, U.S. and South Korean soldiers fired “deep strike” precision missiles into South Korean territorial waters, U.S. military officials in Seoul said.

Firework shop celebrates successful season

T-Bone & Andy’s Boom House has been in business in Fort Wayne offering fireworks for sale for ten years. This year the two men behind it put the most of their own money into it that they ever had and it paid off.

Once on the brink of closing, Poco Pool now thriving

More than a hundred families can enjoy the Fourth of July holiday at their favorite pool, but last summer they weren’t sure that pool would be open to enjoy. The Pocahontas Swim Club in Fort Wayne was recovering after a board member embezzled thousands of dollars.

Researchers seeking way to diagnose algal toxin exposure

With algae blooms likely to start forming on western Lake Erie this month, experts at the University of Toledo Medical Center are working to develop a test to diagnose people exposed to algal toxins. They call that a critical step in combatting a global problem.