Melting snow and ice could damage home

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Experts are asking homeowners to take advantage of the warmer weather to reduce chances of water damage to their home due to melting snow and ice and rain this week.

There’s about four to 12 inches of accumulated snow on the ground, according to the National Weather Service. All that melted snow could cause one to two inches of water. The ground is still frozen, so it wouldn’t be able to absorb the water, which could result in flooding and runoff into low-lying areas.

Dale Bender lives off of Eastbrook, an area known for flooding. He spent the day shoveling his driveway to make away for the melting snow.

“When the snow melts and becomes a lot of flowing water, it has to have a way to get out to the street,” Bender said. “I’m making sure the gutters are as clear as they can be.”

Eric Johnson has spent his winter shoveling homeowner’s sidewalks and driveways. He said he’s been around potential hazards due to icicles and melting snow from people’s roofs.

“I’m a little bit more precautious on how I shovel,” said Johnson.

Brad Cayot, with Korte Does It All, said homeowners should focus just as much on the inside of their home as they do on the outside. Cayot said underground pipes could still freeze as the temperature drops at night after a warm day and basements could flood from melting snow.

“Run a small stream or drip to keep the water running, so it doesn’t freeze, even though it’s getting warmer out,” said Cayot. “Also maintain a sump pump that it’s operating properly and maybe even some back up.”

Cayot said if people don’t take care of this now, it could cause thousands of dollars in repairs.

As of Tuesday, the National Weather Service has not reported any flooding.

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