Wild on WANE – African Penguins

On a sandy beach in the central part of the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo you’ll find…penguins?!?

That’s right! The zoo has fifteen African Penguins … More »

Wild on WANE – White Storks

Zoos across the country, including our very own Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, take many steps to ensure their animals are happy and healthy. One … More »

Wild on WANE – Fruit Bats

The Australian Adventure is home to around 33 Jamaican and Seba’s Short-tailed bats. These aren’t the kind that ‘vant to suck your blood.’ They’re … More »

Wild on WANE – Moon Jellies

You could say Rob Lydick was over the moon to learn about this week’s animal. Moon jellies are usually found in the Indian and … More »