Wild on WANE: Sumatran Tigers

With less than 400 Sumatran Tigers in the wild, the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo is lucky to have Indah and Bugara.

farm training

Wild on WANE: Farm Training

Just as you teach your dog tricks at home, the Zookeepers in the Indiana Family Farm are training some of the same behaviors to ducks, pigs, and more.

lynx at fort wayne zoo

Wild on WANE: Lynx

They are often confused with bobcats, but they’re not the same. Rob Lydick shows you a pair of powerful felines who make the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo their home.

Aus Birds

Wild on WANE: Australian Birds

The Land Down Under is home to many species of birds. And you’ll find some of the most interesting and colorful in the new Australian Adventure aviary.


Wild on WANE: Hyenas

The zookeepers are very hands-off with the hyenas; they are considered dangerous animals.


Wild on WANE: Primates

The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo is home to a variety of primates, including prosimians like ring-tailed lemurs.

gator web pic

Wild on WANE: Alligators

American Alligators are typically found in the southeastern U.S., but you can see two right here in Fort Wayne.


Wild on WANE: The Dome

The Indonesian Rainforest Dome is home to 16 different species of exotic birds.


Wild on WANE: Stingrays

A new VIP experience at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo allows you to feed the stingrays.


Wild on WANE: Vultures

Visitors can now feed the vultures in Africa as part of a new VIP experience at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo


Wild on WANE: Cockatoos

Two new endangered birds are calling the Indonesian Rainforest at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo home.

outback reptiles

Wild on WANE: Outback Reptiles

A new exhibit in the Outback gives you the chance to see some cold-blooded animals from the Land Down Under.


Wild on WANE: Sharks

Some of the latest additions to The Reef include 5 sharks and nearly 2,000 schooling fish.

Red Panda

Wild on WANE: Red Pandas

Red pandas were discovered about 50 years before giant pandas. Learn more about the “original panda” in this week’s Wild on WANE.


Wild on WANE: Maribou Stork

The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo celebrates it’s 50th birthday this year. Some of the animals that call the zoo home have been around just about as long, including Edgar the Maribou Stork.


Wild on WANE: Leopards

The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo is home to a cat that weighs in at 115 pounds and can run at speeds of up to 37 miles per hour. Rob Lydick gets a closer look at a leopard for this week’s Wild on WANE.