Wild on WANE – American Alligator

In the swamps of the southeastern U.S. (in places like the Everglades), you’ll find the North American Alligator. You can also find two of t…


Wild on WANE: Wallabies

The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo is home to 3 wallabies. In fact, when the zoo opened back in 1965, wallabies were one of the original exhibits…


Wild on WANE – Sumatran Orangutans

The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo is home to three Sumatran Orangutans. The zoo is extra cautious with new visitors, making everyone wear masks …


Wild on WANE – Banded Mongoose

In the savannah’s of Africa, you’ll find packs of the banded mongoose, named for their stripes. These nomadic creatures, roam the grasslands…


Wild on WANE: Giraffes

You’ll find a herd of 7 reticulated giraffes in the African Journey, the smallest among them weighing in at a whopping 1600 pounds! Even the…

tentacled snake

Wild on WANE: Tentacled Snakes

In the waters of Southeast Asia, you’ll find the tentacled snake. These 2-2.5 foot slithering reptiles only crawl on land to move to another…

prevosts squirrels

Wild on WANE – Prevost’s Squirrels

They’re among the most colorful mammals on the planet and may be one of the friendliest pair of critters here at the zoo. Prevost’s Squirrel…


Wild on WANE – Reptile Babies

It’s no secret that turtles take their time getting around. But did you know that even hatching out of their eggs can take up to a week? Tha…

african penguins

Wild on WANE – African Penguins

On a sandy beach in the central part of the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo you’ll find…penguins?!? That’s right! The zoo has fifteen African Peng…

White Storks

Wild on WANE – White Storks

Zoos across the country, including our very own Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, take many steps to ensure their animals are happy and healthy. On…

WOW Tigers

Wild on WANE – Sumatran Tigers

Why do tigers have stripes? So they can’t be spotted! Jokes aside, Bugara and Indah are easily two of the favorite animals to spot in the In…


Wild on WANE: Indiana Family Farm

Old MacDonald isn’t the only one with a farm! The Indiana Family Farm at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo has a variety of animals for all to p…

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