Live Doppler 15 Fury Winter Outlook 2017-2018

The meteorologists of the Live Doppler 15 Fury Storm Team release their outlook for the winter season ahead.  Their analysis points to a weak La Niña pattern as the main influence on our weather for December through February.

Preparing an emergency supply of food

Chief Meteorologist Nicholas Ferreri shares tips from those who already have their shelves stocked and discovers a place that makes it easy to find and buy food to store.

Average winter stats

You hear our team of meteorologists compare weather stats to what is considered “normal” or “average” during that time.

Closings and delays

Check to see which schools are affected by the weather.

Tips for driving in winter weather

Do you know the distance drivers should be from snow plows or at what temperature salt is most effective on streets? INDOT has the answers, as well as some info on what should be in your vehicle’s emergency supply kit.

Winter weather: take steps to be warned

Make sure you and your family have what you need to be notified and ready in case of an emergency. Remember, strong weather can strike at any time.

Wind chill and frostbite

During the winter season, it may only take minutes for frostbite to occur on exposed skin. Learn how wind chill is calculated and how to protect yourself.

Powering winter

Sometimes the weather will knock out power, and there’s nothing you can do about it. But power companies prepare ahead of time to make sure that doesn’t happen as often

Winter wear

When temperatures drop, you obviously have to change your wardrobe.

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