In this photo provided by the Sitka Public Information Office, emergency personnel  survey landslide damage in Sitka, Alaska, on Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2015, a day after six landslides occurred in the coastal town, burying three men who are presumed dead. Responders were cautiously approaching the landslide which has the potential to move when responders begin moving debris. (Jeremy Zidek/Sitka Public Information Office, via AP)

1 body recovered, 2 still missing after Alaska landslide

Crews have recovered one body and are working to stabilize a landslide area to aid the search for two more men believed killed when an avalanche of logs and mud swept over a southeast Alaska construction site.

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Williams County becomes StormReady

StormReady is a program started by the National Weather Service in the 90s. It is used to designate counties and communities that are ready for dangerous storms to strike.


Meteor shower

Tuesday night is the Perseid meteor shower. It’s known for having fast and bright meteors that are easy to see, and occurs in August each year.