GOES-R satellite has local connection

Parts for one of the most advanced weather satellites in the world are being built right here in Fort Wayne. Jesse Hawila explores.


Severe weather phobia

Rob Lydick digs deeper into the psychology of those who have a fear of severe storms.


Tornado walls

One scientist has proposed building walls in the U.S. to prevent tornadoes from forming. Rob Lydick explores the science behind this new theory.


Staying alert

Nicholas Ferreri explains how to get the latest severe weather alert info from the Live Doppler 15 Fury Storm Team.


Safety plans

Jesse Hawila explores what to do in case severe weather strikes while your at some of Fort Wayne’s most popular attractions.


Severe weather stats

How many severe weather warnings does our area typically see in a year? Greg Shoup explains.


Severe storm outlooks

Rob Lydick explores some new changes to the severe storm outlooks issued by the Storm Prediction Center.


Making a forecast

Greg Shoup discusses the tools and methods the Live Doppler 15 Fury Storm Team uses to make a forecast.


Severe weather types

Nicholas Ferreri explains how hail, microbursts, and tornadoes form.


Snow mold spotted in lawns after the thaw

An extremely cold February kept snow cover around longer than usual this year, causing a cotton-candy like mold called “snow mold” to spring up on lawns.

northern lights

Photos: Northern Lights

PIctures of the spectacular colors visible in the night sky in more southerly locations than what is typical.


Video time lapse of Monday’s sunset

Christy Stuller used Report!t to send NewsChannel 15 this time lapse video of Monday’s sunset that she took from Wells Street in Fort Wayne.