SUV suddenly takes off, crashes during auto auction; 3 dead

A SUV being shown to prospective buyers at a crowded indoor auto auction in Massachusetts suddenly accelerated with a screech of its tires and crashed through a wall Wednesday morning, killing three people and injuring nine.

Fort Wayne turns the town pink and continues to spearhead cancer research

Cancer research, and specifically breast cancer research, is being done across the world. Every year the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer sends 100% of its proceeds to the Vera Bradley Research Lab in Indianapolis. But just a couple hours north, here in Fort Wayne, researchers are gaining momentum.

$17M in construction contracts for riverfront development headed to City Council


The riverfront project will stretch from Wells to Harrison streets on both banks of the St. Marys River. Riverfront construction will begin in July and is anticipated to take 18 months.

North Korean confirms detention of American citizen

North Korea has confirmed the detention of an American citizen for alleged acts of hostility aimed at overthrowing the country.
The Korean Central News Agency says officials “intercepted” Kim Sang Dok at Pyongyang International Airport on April 22.