4th of July pet safety 101

Animal Care and Control is asking people to keep pets inside at all times when fireworks are being set off.. because the noise can cause dogs or cats to go into a panic.

2 arrested after fight breaks out

Steuben County dispatchers said a woman called 911 around 4:20 p.m. Saturday and said officers were needed and then hung up.

Fire damages historic Auburn library

Eckhart Public Library posted on its Facebook page early Sunday that a fire broke out on the expanded side of its building. and it will be closed indefinitely.

Protest against bullfights in Pamplona before famed festival


Tens of thousands of partygoers from Spain and abroad come each year to Pamplona to witness or take part in the early morning bull runs, when crowds of runners risk being gored or trampled as they lead a pack of bulls to the ring where they will be used in bullfights.

Police: Suspect posted photos from drone in Arizona wildfire

The suspect is accused of recklessly endangering 14 aircraft and fire crews “with a substantial risk of imminent death or physical injury by flying an unmanned drone aircraft in closed airspace above an active fire area.”