Blue Jacket knows what it takes

Fort Wayne, Ind  (WANE) – When it comes to helping people with job skill training and opportunities, Blue Jacket has an answer.

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The body of a driver ejected when his car rolled over several times on southbound Interstate 5 is seen where it landed on an overhead freeway sign north of downtown Los Angeles Friday morning, Oct. 30, 2015. California Highway Patrol officers got a ladder and climbed to the body, covered it and waited for a coroner's representative. The victim was described as a 20-year-old male. The wreckage of the car came to rest under the sign.(AP Photo/Nick Ut)

Driver thrown from car lands on freeway sign

The car rolled over several times on a Los Angeles freeway and the driver was thrown so far that his body landed on a road sign at least 20 feet above the ground.

A photo of a plow in a car's mirror.

Tips for driving in winter weather

Do you know the distance drivers should be from snow plows or at what temperature salt is most effective on streets? INDOT has the answers, as well as some info on what should be in your vehicle’s emergency supply kit.

Angie Davis undercover video

New undercover video appears to show clerk candidate politicking in office

Interim City Clerk Angie Davis is shown in an undercover video appearing to use a police database to research potential campaign donors.