Google warns of phishing scam that impersonates Google Docs

According to online reports — in particular, a detailed user thread on Reddit — clicking on the share link was taking users to a site that asked permission for a fake app calling itself “Google Docs” to access their accounts. If they agreed, the app would then send additional phishing emails to the users’ contacts.

‘Really bad’ or ‘catastrophic’: Comey defends Clinton choice

“I would make the same decision,” Comey declared during a lengthy hearing in which Democratic senators grilled him on the seeming inconsistency between the Clinton disclosure 11 days before the election and his silence about the bureau’s investigation into possible contacts between Russia and Trump’s campaign.

SUV suddenly takes off, crashes during auto auction; 3 dead

A SUV being shown to prospective buyers at a crowded indoor auto auction in Massachusetts suddenly accelerated with a screech of its tires and crashed through a wall Wednesday morning, killing three people and injuring nine.

Fort Wayne turns the town pink and continues to spearhead cancer research

Cancer research, and specifically breast cancer research, is being done across the world. Every year the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer sends 100% of its proceeds to the Vera Bradley Research Lab in Indianapolis. But just a couple hours north, here in Fort Wayne, researchers are gaining momentum.