Fathers of quadruple homicide victims speaking out

The fathers of 18-year-old Traeven Harris; and the 18-year-old Dajahiona Arrington are remembering the lives of their children who were shot to death in their Holton Avenue home.

Federal order forbids Samsung Galaxy Note 7 use on planes

Passengers also must disable all applications that could inadvertently activate the phone, like an alarm clock; protect the power switch to prevent the phone from being unintentionally turned on; and keep the device in a carry-on baggage or on their person, not in a checked bag.

Tesla says it’s improving Autopilot by boosting radar

CEO Elon Musk said he thinks that the improvements, which will roll out globally in the next week or two in the form of a software update, probably would have prevented the Tesla Model S crash that killed the driver.