Indiana soldier’s home robbed days after return

The “Welcome Home” sign is still in the front yard of a central Indiana soldier’s home that someone broke into just days after his return from a deployment to Afghanistan.

1st mayor for Indianapolis suburb takes oath

Census figures show Fishers has grown from about 2,000 residents in 1980 to currently some 84,000. That makes it Indiana’s sixth-largest community — ahead of cities such as Gary, Bloomington and Muncie.

Healthy Rivers program buys some 650 acres

Since Healthy Rivers was launched in 2010, that initiative has bought nearly 12,500 acres and permanently protected nearly 32,000 acres through newly acquired land, previous DNR ownership or federal Wetland Reserve conservation programs.

Torture leaves long-term psychological scars

Whatever it’s labeled, specialists say the brain clearly can become conditioned by extreme fear and stress, notwithstanding CIA assertions that what was done would not cause any permanent mental or physical harm.

US going after sellers of pure caffeine powder

Even a teaspoon of the powder can be lethal — it is equivalent to 25 cups of coffee. Some teenagers and young adults have been particularly drawn to the powder for its perceived energy boost.