Suspects target drivers with rocks

Police say several people in a car went around throwing rocks at other drivers on the road Monday: knocking out windows, and sending one man to the hospital.

Indiana AG says it will appeal gay marriage ruling

The attorney general’s office had argued the ban should be left intact. Attorneys for the state argued that the Legislature has legal authority to determine how marriage is defined within Indiana’s borders.

Man arrested after police chase, stolen gun found

Officials pursued the Monte Carlo and that is when Bose accelerated to a high rate of speed (more than 100 mph) attempting to avoid law enforcement. Deputies also say he tried to ram into their vehicle.

Northern Indiana city designated dark sky site

The International Dark-Sky Association in Tucson, Arizona, has announced that Beverly Shores is the seventh community in the world to be recognized as an International Dark Sky Community.

Judge: People on no-fly list must have due process

More than a dozen Muslims sued after learning they were likely on the list — something the government still won’t confirm — and they found their only recourse was to fill out an online appeal form.