AP source: Mueller using grand jury in DC in Russia probe

The use of a grand jury, a standard prosecution tool in criminal investigations, suggests that Mueller and his team of investigators are likely to hear from witnesses and demand documents in the coming weeks and months.

Woman gets 15 months jail in suicide text case

Michelle Carter was convicted in June by a judge who said her final instruction to Conrad Roy III caused his death. Carter was 17 when the 18-year-old Roy was found dead of carbon monoxide poisoning in July 2014.

N. Korean missile tests spook neighbors, but ‘what to do?’

Many Japanese have mixed feelings about the latest developments, viewing them as a sign that by focusing on ICBM development, North Korea’s aggression is directed toward the U.S. rather than Japan, even if test launches have been splashing down off Japan’s coast.

Woman to be sentenced in teen texting suicide case

A Massachusetts woman who encouraged her boyfriend to kill himself in dozens of text messages and told him to “get back in” a truck filled with toxic gas faces up to 20 years in prison when a judge sentences her on a charge of involuntary manslaughter.

Trump attorney brings ‘street fighter’ spirit to his work

John Dowd, a retired Marine Corps captain with a deep voice, has played a role in some of the defining legal quagmires of the last four decades — among them, the Iran-Contra affair, the Keating Five, the Enron collapse and a scandal over the firing of U.S. attorneys.

US says 4 wounded in Afghan attack that killed 2 US troops

It followed an unprecedented delay in releasing the American casualty tolls in the attack in southern Afghanistan — reflecting an emerging disagreement on how the military should handle information about American casualties.

Hundreds show up for jobs at Amazon warehouses in US cities

Though it’s common for Amazon to ramp up its shipping center staff in August to prepare for holiday shopping, the magnitude of the hiring spree underscores Amazon’s growth when traditional retailers are closing stores.