In the room with Comey and Trump: Two alpha males face off

Fired FBI Director James Comey’s gripping written account of his private encounters with Donald Trump since January reads like a movie script, giving Americans a rare fly-on-the-wall view as the president and the FBI director parry like two alpha males warily circling each other.

US intelligence chiefs decline to discuss Trump contacts

National intelligence director Dan Coats largely ducked questions from senators on Wednesday about whether the president had tried to influence investigations into Russia’s election meddling and possible coordination with the Trump campaign.

Milo Yiannopoulos fan files lawsuit against Berkeley

The lawsuit in federal court in Northern California alleges University of California and other officials curtailed the rights of Kiara Robles by subjecting her and other invitees to bodily harm because they were expressing a different viewpoint.

New high court challenge to labor unions

Conservative groups are wasting little time in trying to deal a crippling blow to labor unions now that Justice Neil Gorsuch has joined the Supreme Court.

Trump pushes for privatizing US air traffic control

Declaring the current system “stuck painfully in the past,” Trump called for separating air traffic control operations from the Federal Aviation Administration, an approach that U.S. airlines have long championed.

Justices will review police use of cellphone tower data

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In a new case about digital age technology and privacy, the Supreme Court will consider whether police need warrants to review cellphone towers records that help them track the location of criminal suspects.