US says cuts to staff in Russia ‘uncalled for’

On Friday, Russian’s Foreign Ministry ordered a reduction by Sept. 1 in the number of U.S. diplomatic personnel in Russia. The order came as a response to new sanctions approved by the U.S. Congress and sent to U.S. President Donald Trump to be signed into law.

Officials: Afghan children smuggled to Pakistan seminaries

Their parents call it a desperate need for education they can’t find at home in Afghanistan. Police call it trafficking and say the parents — wittingly or unwittingly — risk having their children recruited into the Taliban.

Trump’s new chief of staff takes over a White House in chaos

Retired Gen. John Kelly, previously the Homeland Security secretary, takes over Monday from the ousted Reince Priebus. Trump hopes Kelly can bring some military order to an administration weighed down by a stalled legislative agenda, a cabal of infighting West Wing aides and a stack of investigations.