‘Really bad’ or ‘catastrophic’: Comey defends Clinton choice

“I would make the same decision,” Comey declared during a lengthy hearing in which Democratic senators grilled him on the seeming inconsistency between the Clinton disclosure 11 days before the election and his silence about the bureau’s investigation into possible contacts between Russia and Trump’s campaign.

SUV suddenly takes off, crashes during auto auction; 3 dead

A SUV being shown to prospective buyers at a crowded indoor auto auction in Massachusetts suddenly accelerated with a screech of its tires and crashed through a wall Wednesday morning, killing three people and injuring nine.

No federal charges for Baton Rouge officers

The department’s decision doesn’t preclude state authorities from conducting their own investigation of Alton Sterling’s fatal shooting last summer and pursuing their own criminal charges in the case.

F-16 Fighters

US firm in Iraq ignores smuggling, security risks for F-16s

An American company that was paid nearly $700 million to secure an Iraqi base for F-16 fighter jets turned a blind eye to alcohol smuggling, theft, security violations, and allegations of sex trafficking. It then terminated investigators who uncovered wrongdoing, an Associated Press investigation has found.

Selfie Disorder?

People who take selfies every day and post them on the Internet they could suffer a behavioral disorder.