Lawmakers hoping to approve a must-pass spending bill

House Republicans early Thursday unveiled a new, stripped-down spending bill to prevent a government shutdown this weekend and allow quarreling lawmakers to punt most of their unfinished business into the new year.

It’s a done deal: Congress wraps up massive tax package

In a re-vote due to a last-minute hiccup, the House passed the massive $1.5 trillion tax package that affects everyone’s taxes but is dominated by breaks for business and higher earners. Democrats call the legislation a boon to the rich that leaves middle-class and working Americans behind.

Nuclear regulator downplays safety warnings

Employees from U.S. nuclear power plants filed nearly 700 complaints with the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission in recent years, claiming retaliation for raising safety concerns, records show.

Michael Jackson sex abuse lawsuit dismissed

A judge on Tuesday dismissed the lawsuit brought by a choreographer who alleged Michael Jackson molested him as a child, resolving one of the last major claims against the late singer’s holdings.

Detroit judge mulling release of detained Iraqi nationals

U.S. District Judge Mark Goldsmith blocked the deportation of 1,400 people in July to allow time to challenge their removal in immigration court. About 275 people are jailed or in detention centers in roughly two dozen states.

Go big, go small? The fight to survive in California pot

Broad legalization starts Jan. 1, and this will be a test of whether bigger is better. California has long been known for its boutique pot market, producing world-famous buds on small plots in the so-called Emerald Triangle, north of San Francisco.

House passes massive tax package; Senate to vote next

The vote, largely along party lines, was 227-203 and capped a GOP sprint to deliver a major legislative accomplishment to President Donald Trump after a year of congressional stumbles and non-starters.