After Harvey, insurance drones take to the Texas skies

Companies are using the drones on a much larger scale to record images, save time and spare human adjusters from venturing into potentially unsafe areas. Insurers have increased their fleets since the Federal Aviation Administration eased some restrictions a year ago, and tried them out in areas of the southeastern U.S. hit by Hurricane Matthew last October.

Amazon project receives $7.8 million job creation tax credit

The Plain Dealer reports the Ohio Tax Credit Authority signed off on a 1.35 percent, 10-year tax credit last week in Columbus. The credit would go toward an 855,000-square-foot building in North Randall, where workers will pack and ship Amazon products.

The building is set to open in 2018.

New York Times rejects claim its list favors liberal books

Regnery Publishing said Monday it will no longer recognize the Times’ accounting of book sales, meaning its writers can no longer claim to be “New York Times best-selling authors.” That’s a big deal in the book business.

But the Times notes conservative authors have routinely ranked high and in great numbers on its best-sellers list.

Cuba begins 5-month political transition

Over the rest of this month, Cubans will meet in small groups to nominate municipal representatives. Cuban officials say 12,515 block-level districts will nominate candidates for city council elections Oct. 22.

2 Russian troops killed in shelling in Syria

Russia has been providing air cover for Syrian President Bashar Assad’s offensive against Islamic State group militants since 2015. The Russian defense ministry said Monday that Russian jets had made 80 flights to back Assad’s offensive on Deir el-Zour, a key city that has been under IS siege for three years.

106-year-old Afghan woman faces deportation from Sweden

Their journey made headlines in 2015, when they were part of a huge influx of people who came to Europe from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries. They traveled by foot and on trains through the Balkans before finally reaching Sweden.

Politics dominate summer’s last hurrah on Labor Day

In Ohio, tabloid TV star Jerry Springer attended a Labor Day parade in Cleveland on Monday amid speculation he is considering a run for Ohio governor as a Democrat in 2018.
Springer says working Americans need to unionize so they can get back benefits being taken by executives.

Police: Driver crashes into crowd at block party, injuring 8

The unidentified woman told officers that the brakes on her SUV failed Monday afternoon, causing her to hit the people.
Police say the victims were taken to area hospitals. None of the injuries are believed to be life-threatening.