The Angus Advantage: Steak Sliders

Now that it’s football season many are firing up the grill for tailgate parties. Steak sliders are the perfect addition to your tailgate because … More »

road closed

‘Turn around, don’t drown’

It takes just six inches of water to reach the bottoms of most car doors and one foot of water to float most vehicles.

This steel sculpture by the Fort Wayne Museum of Art was damaged when it was hit by a drunk driver in June 2013.

Repaired steel sculpture to return to Fort Wayne

The June 2013 damage to the 11-ton sculpture called Helmholtz was so severe it was shipped to the California studio of artist Mark di Suvero for repairs. Museum officials say it’s to be reinstalled this week.

Security Camera

Security businesses seeing more residential clients

NewsChannel 15 looked into how common it is for homeowners to buy video equipment after Monday night’s shooting on Eby Avenue that left a man dead, and a nearby neighbor caught the whole crime on video.

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New Haven officer saves man’s life

A New Haven police officer saved the life of a man who was nearly electrocuted when high winds caused sheet metal he was working with to come in contact with a power line.