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Purdue using robot to digitize insect collection

Purdue University’s Department of Entomology is using a special robot to tackle the daunting task of digitizing the school’s collection of some 2 million insect specimens.


Black Friday: Is it worth waiting in line?

At Apple Glen’s Best Buy people were lined up for quite a long time; some as many as 30 hours! They were trying to get the best buys, no pun intended, on this year’s hottest items. The question we asked customers waiting in line: Is it really worth the wait? How much money are you really saving?

Anthony Wayne Services Workshop

Workshop offers employees more than a paycheck

Anthony Wayne Services started in Fort Wayne, but is now in eleven different states spanning from California to New Jersey. It serves around 8500 people nationwide with developmental or intellectual disabilities.

St. Mary's Soup Kitchen dinner, Thanksgiving 2014.

Thanksgiving in Fort Wayne

From the Galloping Gobbler to the Thanksgiving Gala at Hotel Fort Wayne and the thousand of meals at the Rescue Mission, there’s a lot to be thankful for in Fort Wayne.

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Black Wednesday: Stats show party-goers becoming victims of rape

Most people don’t think of the holidays as a time when there’s a spike in sexual assault, but on one of the biggest party nights of the year, forensic nurse examiners at the Fort Wayne Sexual Assault Treatment Center say they see more people becoming victims of rape.