Mug shot of Oscar Turner provided by the Allen County Sheriff's Dept.

Arrest made in stabbing incident

A 70-year-old man faces a charge of aggravated for what police say was an argument that led to a stabbing inside a Fort Wayne apartment building
Thursday that left another man in critical condition.

The Memorial Coliseum plans to modernize its the rotunda area entrance by, among other improvements, adding heated side.walks.

Coliseum planning $2 million in upgrades

Among the improvements are upgrades to the Coliseum’s rotunda entrance, including the installation of heated sidewalks, new handrails and easy-access curbs.


15 Finds Out: 14 violations found on food trucks

In a 15 Finds Out investigation, NewsChannel 15’s Alyssa Ivanson discovered 14 health code violations on six different food trucks. But how critical are they? The truck operators and the health department weigh in.

Photo of incident involving a boat that sank on Lake Wawasee on July 25, 2015 provided by Indiana DNR.

Officers honored for rescuing boaters

The three officers received commendations by a national organization for rescuing the seven boaters after the watercraft they were on started to sink back in July on Lake Wawasee.