Army vet with AR-15 stands guard outside North Side HS

Mark Cowan, an Army veteran, was moved to do something following the Florida school shooting and threats closer to home. He stands armed with a handgun and AR-15 off of school grounds, but close enough to keep an eye on people going in and out of the high school.

Free Friday | Fun weekend events

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) Would you like to make the most of your weekend without opening your wallet?

Every Friday, NewsChannel 15 will show … More »

How tax changes impact retirees

Greg Reynolds of Reynolds Wealth management breaks down how seniors will be affected in a number of ways.

City crews working overtime to fill potholes

In the last week, the city got 60 calls on potholes and filled 500 overall. This week, the city’s call center received more than 170 calls and fixed about 800.