Family reacts to deputy chief not being charged

15 Finds Out Exclusive

The Gonzales family is surprised and disappointed that Deputy Chief Derrick Westfield will not face charges in an apparent road rage incident that ended with him in a fight with two teenagers.

Airport security not as visible overnight

15 Finds Out

15 Finds Out went to the Fort Wayne airport in the middle of the night and was able to roam around for an hour, going places you aren’t allowed to go during the day, without ever seeing a security guard.

Where’s the overnight airport security?

When commercial flights stop in the middle of the night, the FWA terminal stays open. 15 Finds Out goes searching for the overnight security, Wednesday at 6.

FBI: “Sex trafficking won’t stop until people stop consuming it”

Special Report

While education and awareness are the first steps in combating sex trafficking, eliminating the demand is what it will take to truly stop it.

Trump promises ‘full force and weight’ of gov’t to combat human trafficking

Trump called human trafficking a problem that is “not talked about enough” and said he would order the departments of Justice and Homeland Security to take a hard look at the resources they are devoting to addressing the issue.