Allen County looking to get its own alert system

15 Finds Out

Allen County’s alert system for a few months would be used for all kinds of alerts like weather emergencies or traffic hazards, but it could also help get the word out to the public about an abducted child faster than the Amber Alert process.

The push notification for the Hammond Amber Alert was sent even though there was no suspect vehicle license plate information.

Frequent Amber Alerts prompt change in push alert philosophy

15 Finds Out

Allen County’s Amber Alert did not have a push notification sent to cell phones, but three other Amber Alerts within a week all did. 15 Finds Out discovered one of those pushes was sent because of a change in philosophy.

Three men have been arrested in connection to the Alonna Allison case.

FWPD: 3 arrested in connection to Alonna Allison case

The individuals, all 19, have been charged with criminal recklessness. It’s not clear who fired the shot that killed the 17-year-old.