Ind. ranks third in soybean production

Here is a breakdown of the major soybean-growing states, their 2013 production in bushels and where the bulk of their crops are transported to.

NCAA says it disagrees with O’Bannon ruling

A judge ruled college sports’ largest governing body can’t stop college football and basketball players from selling the rights to their names and likenesses.

Councilwoman: Alcoholism leads to expletives

An Evansville city councilwoman is blaming her ongoing struggle with alcoholism for expletive-filled exchanges she’s had with other council members and her former campaign chairman.

Mistaken inmate release sparks war of words

Marion County Sheriff John Layton is under fire again for releasing jail inmates by mistake. Layton’s opponent in the November election, Republican Emmitt Carney, says the sheriff, who is a Democrat, is incompetent.