Masked man robs Chase Bank

According to police, a white man covered in all blue clothing robbed the bank around 11 Saturday morning.

Michigan police: Missing pregnant woman found dead

Police haven’t identified the suspect or disclosed his connection to the couple. Carmody says investigators were preparing a search warrant for a Wyoming home when the suspect left.

States sue 5-Hour Energy over ad claims

The suit asserts that 5-Hour Energy falsely claims customers get extra energy and focus from a unique blend of ingredients, when the boost actually comes from a concentrated dose of caffeine.

Sheriff to investigate heroin deaths as homicides

An Ohio sheriff has dedicated three full-time and one part-time detective to investigate overdoses in his county, where heroin deaths have jumped from eight four years ago to 80 last year.

Man waves AK-47 out car windows during standoff

Police in western Indiana say a man apparently angry at not being allowed to see his child waved an AK-47 assault rifle during a standoff before he surrendered after more than two hours.