Mugshot of Jamie Carson, provided by the Auburn Police Narcotics Enforcement Team.

Woman arrested for dealing meth

The Auburn Police Narcotics Enforcement Team arrested Jamie Carson, 34, Tuesday for dealing meth, a level 4 felony.

The push notification for the Hammond Amber Alert was sent even though there was no suspect vehicle license plate information.

Frequent Amber Alerts prompt change in push alert philosophy

15 Finds Out

Allen County’s Amber Alert did not have a push notification sent to cell phones, but three other Amber Alerts within a week all did. 15 Finds Out discovered one of those pushes was sent because of a change in philosophy.

Police in Middle Point, Ohio continued a wide-spread investigation on Thursday, Oct. 6, 2016.

Searches conclude in Day 3 of Van Wert Co. investigation

Sheriff Tom Riggenbach said the investigation was part of a Van Wert City Police Department’s missing person’s investigation, involving Kori Glossett, a 25-year-old man last seen at the beginning of July.

Police investigate a robbery at Happy's Pizza on E. State Blvd.

Armed teenagers rob Fort Wayne pizza restaurant


The employee in the store at the time of the robbery reported he was held at gunpoint by a man in his late teens, while a younger teenager waited the door. Both suspects got away with an undisclosed amount of cash.