Mug shot of Andrew Heese provided by  the Mercer County Sheriff's Dept.

Heroin crackdown ramps up in Ohio

Two police departments have formed a Heroin Interdiction Team to battle the on-going problem as evidenced by the arrest of a man found with 20 heroin capsules in his home.

This undated photograph provided by the Bertolet family shows Harold Henthorn and his wife, Toni. This week, a federal grand jury indicted Harold Henthorn on a charge of first-degree murder more than two years after his wife, Toni, tumbled face first to her death off a ledge in Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park. (AP Photo/Bertolet Family)

Man accused of pushing wife off cliff pleads not guilty

Only after her death did his late wife’s relatives realize she was covered by three life insurance policies totaling $4.5 million. A claim was sent in for one policy days after she died, court records show.

scales of justice

Indiana woman seeks dismissal of feticide charge

The defense attorney for 33-year-old Purvi Patel of Granger argues in a court filing that investigators improperly questioned her in a hospital without reminding her of her legal rights.

Photo provided by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources

DNR seizes trophy buck after tip

A hunter faces charges after an officer with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources seized the antlers of a trophy buck.

File Photo.

Man charged with killing aunt due in court

Attorneys for a central Indiana man accused of murder in his aunt’s death contend he has been incarcerated too long without being brought to trial.