Attorney: City Clerk plans to step down

City Clerk Sandy Kennedy’s plans to resign come days after a video surfaced that appears to shows her threatening employees with termination.

City council votes to repeal collective bargaining for some workers

In a 7-2 vote Tuesday night, Fort Wayne City Council approved an ordinance that will remove collective bargaining for some city workers. Council members had three ordinances to vote on Tuesday that would affect collective bargaining rights for most of the city’s union workers.

Union workers frustrated over council vote

The outcome of Tuesday night’s City Council vote to repeal collective bargaining for non-public safety union workers brought out strong emotions in the crowd. People felt that their voices weren’t being heard.

Mayor calls for commission to study collective bargaining

“I invite City Council and the public and private sectors to join me to study the collective bargaining issues in the same collaborative and cooperative fashion that has worked so well and from which, today, there is no reason to deviate. “

IBEW Local 723 files suit against Fort Wayne

One of the unions representing some Fort Wayne city employees filed a lawsuit against the city, Mayor Tom Henry and five other city officials, claiming the city didn’t follow it’s collective bargaining ordinance.