Medical Minute – Rechargeable hearing aids

NewsChannel 15’s Terra Brantley talks with Ted Blanford of Summit Hearing solutions about the benefits of rechargeable hearing aids and who is most likely to benefit from them.

Medical Minute – Crooked teeth and health

For this weeks’ Medical Minute, Dr. Timothy Bussick talks about how crooked teeth can impact a person’s health beyond giving them a less than ideal smile.

Medical Minute – Hearing and Technology

For this week’s segment, Ted Blanford of Summit Hearing Solutions talks about how the latest technology and your cell phone can be used to overcome hearing problems.

Medical Minute – Hearing examination

So what will you learn when undergoing a hearing exam at Summit Hearing? Ted Blanford has all the answers in this edition of the Medical Minute.

Medical Minute – Dentist vs. Orthodontist

For this edition of the Medical Minute, Pat Hoffman talks with Dr. Timothy Bussick about the difference between a dentist and an orthodontist and when you should consider having your child visit an orthodontist.

Medical Minute – DRS Protocol

Terra Brantley talks with Dr. Richard E. Busch, III about the DRS Protocol and how it’s used to treat back pain.