Busy holiday at DeBrand Chocolates

Since 1987, Fort Wayne’s very own DeBrand Chocolatiers have been whipping up sugary delights. With chocolate being a popular treat for many holidays, including Valentine’s Day, DeBrand has become a local favorite. According to the folks at DeBrand, cupid’s holiday is actually their second busiest holiday, though Feb 13th and Feb 14th are often their busiest sales days of the year.

Drones become popular holiday gifts

Best Buy expanded its selection from one last year to eight different models in stores and five more online because of rising demand.

Tick-tock: Tips for last-minute shoppers

The National Retail Federation found that only about half of shoppers had finished shopping as of Dec. 10. That means tens of millions will be ticking those final items off their lists in the coming days.

Mobile apps still collect information on kids

More than a year after federal regulators issued new privacy rules for kids’ mobile apps, online stores are flooded with cute and silly software programs that quietly collect vast amounts of data on the youngest consumers.;

Beacons pop up in stores ahead of holidays

The square or rectangular devices, smaller than a smartphone, can hang on a wall or be placed on a machine and communicate with your phone via Bluetooth signals.