The Green Thumb – Direct Seeding

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to liven up a spot in your yard or garden, direct seeding may be something to consider.

The Green Thumb – Mulching Tips

Many people choose to put mulch in their yards and gardens this time of year to promote healthy soil and block weeds around plants.

The Green Thumb – Pruning

Learn how to prune your plants for the winter and what precautions you can take to stop the spread of disease.

The Green Thumb – Beetles

Beetle damage is common this time of year in the garden. Learn how to prevent these pests from making a salad out of your plants.

The Green Thumb – Deadheading

It’s important to take some steps to keep your flowers blooming throughout the growing season. One of those steps is called deadheading.

The Green Thumb – Three Sisters

There comes a time in gardening every year when it’s out with the old and in with the new. You may find that the spinach in your garden has bolded (gone to seed) and become bitter, or perhaps your lettuce is tough and seeding. If so, remove it and use the space wisely by planting something else that enjoys the warmer weather!

The Green Thumb – Mulching

Weeds are a common problem in gardens. Take a proactive approach to prevent weeds from taking over by mulching. Learn how to properly mulch in this episode of The Green Thumb!

The Green Thumb – Compost tea

Learn how to make an organic fertilizer that’s safe for your plants all season long in this episode of The Green Thumb.

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