Rocker Gregg Allman dies at age 69; sang and lived the blues

Raised by a single mother after his father was shot to death, he idolized his guitar-slinging older brother Duane and became his musical partner. They formed the nucleus of The Allman Brothers Band, which helped define the Southern rock sound of the 1970s.

Two IU students stay 48 hours in a Walmart

The two slept on store shelves hidden by boxes at a Walmart in central Indiana and the video of their stunt on YouTube has garnered them national attention.

Fort Wayne man to represent USA in minigolf competition in Croatia

Like many of us, Brian Johnson has played miniature golf on occasion. But what sets Brian apart from the rest of us is that he’s good at it. So good in fact that he’s going to represent the USA at a miniature golf tournament in Croatia later this year.

Ringling’s final show commences after 146 years

Over the years, animal rights activists had targeted the circus, saying that forcing animals to perform and transporting them around the country amounted to abuse. And in May 2016, the company removed elephants from its shows, but ticket sales continued to decline.