Sunday atmosphere in Minneapolis with Alyssa Orange

Alyssa reported live from Minneapolis on game day topics ranging from a cold-weather outfitting company based in Minneapolis, WSI, and their involvement in game day to the fans braving the cold.

Jucy Lucy

 Anticipation is building as the big game gets closer. Millions are ready to see the Eagles and Patriots face off. But there’s something else that has fans talking.

Video: How a hangover can impair driving

Ford has a new suit that simulates what it is like to drive after a long night of drinking, which experts say you shouldn’t do because a hangover leads to slow reaction times.

You can score the Big Game ads!

For many people, watching the Super Bowl is as much about the advertisements as it is about the actual game and this year you’ll be able to rate the ads thanks to technology from a company called Dialsmith right here on