The Angus Advantage: Starting Lineup

Chef Michael Ollier stopped by to introduce what he calls “The Starting Lineup” – a variety of Certified Angus Beef cuts perfect for your game day plans this football season. These are the most popular performers.

The Angus Advantage: Steak Chili

Today we’re getting ready for game day with a fall favorite: chili! Chef Michael Ollier explains that you don’t have to be limited to ground beef when it comes to making your chili.

The Angus Advantage: Most Valuable Meatballs

Meatballs are not only a delectable dish the entire family will love, they’re also versatile and perfect for parties or tailgates! Chef Michael Ollier stopped by to share some secrets to make a flavorful, tender, and juicy meatball.

The Angus Advantage: Steak Sliders

Now that it’s football season many are firing up the grill for tailgate parties. Steak sliders are the perfect addition to your tailgate because … More »

The Angus Advantage: Building a Better Burger

Today we’re talking about building a better burger. The key is to start off with the best ingredients. When it comes to looking for a grind, the numbers can be a little confusing. Just remember that they all should total to one hundred.

The Angus Advantage: Burger Blend-Ins

Chef Michael Ollier with the Certified Angus Beef Brand stopped by to show us how to do some fun burger blend-ins. These are things you can do ahead of time, before your party gets together.

The Angus Advantage: Steakhouse Salad

When it comes to making a mouthwatering steakhouse salad, Chef Michael Ollier says you’ve got to start with the best ingredients. In terms of steak cuts, Chef Michael recommends a sirloin.

The Angus Advantage: Steak-on-a-stick

Chef Michael Ollier with Certified Angus Beef Brand joined me to chat about preparing something you may have never thought about doing over the grill: steak-on-a-stick!