A look back at March

March was an over-achieving month – both in precipitation and in temperature.  We saw an extra inch of rain than is considered average, but only about half the days during the month saw rain. Temperature came in about one degree above average for the month.  There were a few extra warm days than cold days this month, and the month ended on an extended warm stretch.

Update on next round of rain

Our current forecast, as of Tuesday night, calls for dry conditions through the day. Rain’s not set to arrive until Thursday morning. However, the timing and evolution of this system is still a little up in the air. As I type this, some models are beginning to hint that it is within the realm of possibility that a stray shower or two could show up by late afternoon, in a few spots, as this next system moves closer.

Floating sea ice at both poles sets records

Today, our friends at NASA sent the latest stats on how winter affected sea ice at the North Pole and how the corresponding summer in the southern hemisphere impacted ice at the other end of the planet.