Spring equinox

It can sometimes be confusing when we talk about Meteorological Spring vs. the Spring Equinox. Meteorological Spring (and all Meteorological “seasons”) are for record-keeping purposes.  They start on the first day of a month.  Meteorological Spring starts March 1, Summer starts June 1, Autumn starts September 1, and Winter starts December 1.  This allows us to keep season records consistent from year to year. The spring, or vernal, equinox is often thought of as the “official” start to spring.  This year, that occurs March 20 at 6:29 AM.  It signals earlier sunrises and later sunsets.  An equinox is an astrological…

February 2017 ranks as Earth’s 2nd warmest

While February 2017 was Fort Wayne’s warmest on record, the unusual warmth wasn’t just contained to our region. When taking into account temperatures around the globe, it turned out to be the second warmest February, on record, for the planet.