Final images from Cassini spacecraft

On my phone, I have a widget that has NASA images that flash in front of me every time I move my finger by it. I came across some stunning photos of the final portraits of Saturn with its unmistakable ring. What makes these photos more stunning to me is that they are cast in the shadow of Saturn’s sun, so they are even more striking. Check them out for yourself. Stunning views like this image of Saturn’s night side are only possible thanks to our robotic emissaries like Cassini. Until future missions are sent to Saturn, Cassini’s image-rich legacy must…

Friday night football forecast 9/29

An incoming weather system will bring a few scattered showers during the daytime on Friday, but what’s most important to Friday night football fans is that this system also brings a reinforcing shot of cool air…meaning the weather won’t be scorching for September, as it was for last week’s games.

Relief coming from high September heat

Cooler air is moving in come Wednesday and its effects are seen quite soon in the 10 Day Forecast. The arrival of this new airmass marks the end of an extended September hot stretch.  4 of the past 7 days have seen highs of 90 or above.  And, on the days that didn’t see 90s, we still came quite close.