Downpours becoming more frequent

At times, through the spring and summer season especially, it’s seemed like the periods of heavy rain just would not stop.  We’ve definitely had our fair share of soggy moments in 2017.  However, things have slowed down on the rain front recently.  It’s been about a week and a half since Fort Wayne experienced a good soaking – 0.95″ on July 22 – at the official weather observing site at the Fort Wayne International Airport.  The next chance for some heavy downpours comes on Thursday into Friday with an incoming cold front passing through. Our climate colleagues at Climate Central…

NASA is taking to the skies to further investigate hurricanes

In a new project that will be launched in August, NASA is hoping to collect more data that will help analyze key questions scientists have about hurricanes. The Global Hawk, which is an unmanned aircraft, will be sent up over tropical storms in the Eastern Pacific to collect data that will help scientists better understand how these storms intensify and progress over time.

Scattered rain could disrupt some Allen County Fair events

With an approaching cold front, scattered rain and t-storms are possible throughout Thursday.  There will be dry times, for sure, but, when storms are around, they could be heavy rain producers.  As a result, fair-goers should stay on alert for potential storms.

Peak timing for damaging winds in the US

We are in the middle of summer, which means we are in the midst of when the most damaging wind reports come in for the United States. According to data collected by NOAA, the United States sees nearly 3,000 wind damage reports on average during the months of June and July, with a about 1,500 reports in May and August.