70s set to return soon

As warmer than average air keeps flowing in from the southwest over the next few days, you can expect our high temperatures to hit 70° starting on Wednesday and continuing through our weekend. Our month of October has been a warm one and currently ranks as the 3rd warmest on record (to date) as far as daily avg. temp goes (which takes into account both the high and low temp of a given day). Being so warm, one might assume that, when it comes to high temperatures, October 2017 must have the highest number of highs at 70° or above. …

Wednesday rain update

The overall timing of Wednesday’s rain remains pretty much the same as we’ve been pinpointing over recent days.  The majority of the incoming rain will fall overnight Tuesday/early morning Wednesday, tapering off after noon on Wednesday.

Tracking Nate – Monday night update

The remnants of Nate moved through the Northeast today and now are exiting the country.  Still producing some pockets of heavy rain, Nate’s leftovers are moving into Canada and the storm is no longer the major wind or flood threat it once was as a tropical storm or hurricane.