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Summer-like weather recap

Yesterday marked the 5th day in a row of temperatures in the 80s throughout northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio. Average temperatures should be in the middle 70s for this time of May. Yesterday was the second day in a row where we topped off at 88°. Not only is that the warmest we’ve been all month long, it’s also the warmest of the year so far! After a cool start to the month of May, we’re making up for that now with this above average warmth. In fact, we’re only below average by about 0.6° for the month (at one…

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More sunshine means increased risks

Who doesn’t love a nice sunny afternoon. Most of us have been waiting all year for some nice days to get outside so we can enjoy outdoor activities and not worry about a coat. The good news is those days are here. The not so good news is that being out in the sun increases your risk to get sun burned and ultimately increases your chances of getting skin cancer.