Image: NOAA

Incredible flooding in Louisiana

Deadly flooding in parts of Louisiana has been topping headlines throughout the country for the past few days. This was all the result of storm system that moved through the state – not a hurricane. According to stats, more rain fell from this recent event than during the duration of Hurricane Katrina. For more info about the floods, click here.


A look at Monday night’s funnel clouds and tornadoes

A very interesting series of storms, originating from a single storm that strengthened over central Indiana, west of Indianapolis, around 5 on Monday afternoon held onto its strength as it moved into northeast Indiana.

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Farmers Market Forecast

YLNI’s Farmers Market offers locally and regionally produced plants, meats, baked goods and crafts. And, if you’re looking to pick some up this week, you’ll likely be dodging some rain in the morning and early afternoon as a cold front moves through the area.