gust front 2

Gust front sparks storms

**All radar images in this post are old** We saw several strong and even a few severe storms across our area today.  Some of these storms were sparked by an interesting weather phenomenon.  An outflow boundary, also called a gust front, can spark new storms ahead of existing storms. The storm is pushing cold air down toward the ground.  It’s pushing so hard that the cold air hits the ground, but then spreads out and keeps moving very quickly.  Think of it like dumping a bucket of water out on the ground; it hits the ground, but then spreads out…


Friday Night Football forecast

AFTERNOON UPDATE (3:54 PM): We’re watching the development of scattered rain across central IL and IN now. Rain that’s in these spots will track toward us, bringing rain and t-storm potential to our area around 7 pm and after. Keep this in mind if heading out to any football games. The games may not be completely dry, as forecasted earlier.


Latest tornado count

One of two storm survey teams has filed its damage report. This team confirms 6 tornado touchdowns on August 24. At least 1 additional tornado confirmation is expected when the second storm survey releases its findings before the week is up.