Another major winter storm for the northeast

Weather Prediction Center Radar image from 3-13 of heavy snowfall

Check out the heavy snowfall across the northeast US in the third major storm system in three weeks! This radar image picked out by the Weather Prediction Center says it all, here’s what they captioned for this image:

Very impressive example of “bright-banding” on the Wakefield, VA radar Monday evening (7:30pm). The area outlined in red has enhanced radar returns of heavy precipitation, and here the radar is detecting numerous large and aggregated snowflakes just above the surface, with some over an inch in diameter. The radar is confused and thinks it is seeing hail, when in actuality it is large aggregate snowflakes. Some of this is melting into rain east of the enhanced axis of bright radar reflectivity, but it is rapidly accumulating where it reaches the ground as heavy wet snow.

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