The spring season is getting warmer

Credit: Climate Central

As some of you already know, March 1 started the spring weather record-keeping period known as meteorological spring.  This period encompasses the three months of March, April, and May.

Our weather this past week, though, did not feel all that springlike.  Looking at the data from Monday-Friday, only 1 day clocked in with an above average high temperature.  We’ve also experienced some cold mornings with our Friday morning being the coldest – a low of 23°.

However, these colder moments simply represent our current short-term stretch of weather.  The extended outlook reveals a springlike warming coming by the end of next week.

When looking at the big climate picture across the country over a number of years, the overall trend has been for increasing warmth during the spring season.  Our climate partners at Climate Central crunched the numbers dating back to 1970 and you can see a county-by-county map for the lower 48 states posted at the top of this page.  This map displays the various levels of warming that have been occurring for the past handful of decades.

Climate Central even took the data down to city-level and calculated that Fort Wayne’s average temperature during spring has increased 2.1° since 1970.

Credit: Climate Central

You can read the complete Climate Central report here.

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