How are local farmers dealing with changes in climate?

I always get a lot of questions from local farmers after one of my talks. Photo from Bob Caylor.

I’ve had the honor to talk at the Fort Wayne Farm Show and as well as some Water Soil and Conservation District annual dinners about Climate Change and how it will affect local farmers. I can tell you from making my rounds that farmers are practicing great conservation measures and being recognized in their local areas for it.

It’s been a learning experience for me and local farmers and a great discussion which will keep going for a long time. As I’ve found out through research and listening to our farmers they are already adapting to changes which are already happening in their fields.

This is coverage of one my recent talks in Bluffton for the Wells County Soil and Water Conservation District. Bob Caylor writes a terrific piece which is very understandable and gets the message out to all of us from our agricultural community.


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