Friday’s snow is done, another round on Monday

From what I’ve heard (and overheard) in conversations today, many people have been thinking that the Live Doppler 15 Fury Storm Team “under-predicted” the day’s snow totals.

The truth is, though, our totals ended up in the expected 1″-3″ range.  Admittedly, most areas did end up on the lower side of that range.  By the time the rain completed its changeover to snow in many places, there wasn’t much moisture left to produce a large quantity of additional snow.

If you’re looking for more snow in the coming days, our next chance comes on Monday.  Starting in the morning and ending at night, another 1″-3″ snow total is in the forecast across the region.

Continue to check back with NewsChannel 15 for updates as the weekend goes along and Monday moves closer.  Over the next couple of days, we’ll be fine-tuning the timing of this incoming snow and updating any changes to the expected accumulation amounts.  As of now, with plenty of cold air in place, Monday’s precip will be all snow and not a wintry mix of precipitation types, like we experienced today.

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