Adjustments to our snow forecast

The heaviest snowfall will be a couple of hundreds miles south of our area. The northern edge of this system will begin with some ice and then some snowfall which should amount to 1-2" in most of our area. Especially south of Fort Wayne.

A major winter storm has continued on several mathematical model runs to dive south. This will most likely cause heavy snowfall in areas well south of our region. Yep, there’s still quite a bit of moisture with this huge storm and it’s going to hit areas which are less prepared for this kind of snowfall. For example, it’s been over two years since areas like Louisville, Kentucky have been under a winter storm warning. Things are going to change for that area over the next 24-hours.

For our region, we could see some ice before daybreak with some freezing rain possible, that will change to all snow through the morning on Friday. Not a huge amount of snowfall, but enough to cause major headaches during your ‘drivetime’ Friday morning. 

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