Weekend forecast shaping up, but still uncertain

Lots of rumors are going around about our potential for a big snowstorm by the weekend.  As this page is posted on Tuesday night, here’s what you need to know.

Don’t the believe the hype you may be hearing about a 2-foot snowfall – those numbers are much too high.

It is accurate, though, that a significant snowfall of 6+” is possible for Fri/Sat.  But, even this forecast is not set in stone.  We may end up with much lower (or much higher) snow totals.  All will be determined by this storm’s eventual track and this track is currently unknown.  The various computer models we look at to form the official forecast do not all agree on just how this storm will pan out.  Some forecast paths bring the heavier snow totals right over us, where others put the the storm on a track that will drop the heavier snow east of us.

With impacts from this system still a few days out, it’s good to be aware of the scenario that could pan out.  By considering the forecast facts presented above, you can make early preparations for your Fri/Sat plans, adjust your schedule, and take care of any errands ahead of time.

And, don’t forget, between now and Friday, this forecast will be fine-tuned and could very well change.  Please keep checking back in with NewsChannel 15 and wane.com for the latest details.  Download our free WANE Weather App here for forecast updates when on the go.


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