Winter snow totals update


I spotted the graphic above on social media this morning, posted by a National Weather Service office, and I had to share! I thought it was interesting to visually see where the most snow has fallen so far this winter. You can clearly see the influence the Great Lakes have on areas to the east-southeast of them – lake effect snowfall. Meanwhile here in Fort Wayne, we don’t typically see much lake effect snow accumulation, but we have had a bit so far this season. Since December 1st, we’ve picked up 13.1″ of snow. That’s about 3″ above average for this time of winter. The biggest snow event was actually the snow that arrived and gave us a White Christmas!

We’ll be adding to our seasonal snow total starting tomorrow evening and continuing into Monday as a fast-moving system tracks through the Midwest. Some sleet and freezing rain will mix in with the snow during the onset and offset, with just snow expected during the overnight. 1″-3″ of accumulation will be possible, but 3″ is certainly on the high end and looking more and more unlikely with mixing as our temperatures hover near, and even eventually above, freezing. 1″-2″ of icy snow (mixed with sleet and freezing rain) will be more likely here, making for a messy Monday morning commute.

Keep checking back with us for updates to this forecast!

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