Tuesday’s feel much different than Monday’s

Our Monday saw the mercury rise to 60° – a near-record high temp.

Temps won’t be anywhere near that on Tuesday, though.  A cold front moving through early Tuesday morning will send temps down from around 40° at daybreak to around freezing by dinnertime.

These are sustained winds for Tuesday afternoon. Periodic wind gusts could reach speeds up to 40 mph – adding even more of a wintry feel to the air!

Winds, which have been strong throughout Monday night, will continue to be strong on Tuesday.  With the arrival of colder air behind the front, an extra chill will be added to the air, making it feel even more wintry outside.  With sustained winds from the SW around 20 mph and gusts as high as 40 mph, wind chills will be in the teens at the time of day when we’re usually at our warmest (late afternoon and evening).

You definitely do not want to leave home without a jacket on Tuesday!!

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