Updated tornado survey data

The NWS office in Indianapolis has updated part of their survey about the tornado which had touchdowns in Delaware County and Jay County Indiana. Here’s the latest text update. The NWS is estimating a 400-yard wide path across that area and winds up to 134 mph which is the same enhanced Fujita scale estimate in Mercer County, Ohio. Keep in mind that the EF scale is a damage scale which is estimated after the tornado touchdown. Survey crews go in and look at the damage and take several factors under consideration to estimate wind speeds which caused the damage.  Here’s the new text data update Tuesday, November 7.

TORNADO #2 Portland Area Tornado...

Rating:                 EF-2 (Delaware County portion EF1 max)  
Estimated peak wind:    134 mph
Path length /Statute/:  39 miles
Path width /Maximum/: 400 yds
Fatalities: 0 

Start date:             Nov 05 2017 
Start time:             124 PM EST
Start Location:         1 NW Eaton / Delaware County / IN
Start location:         40.3499 / -85.3614

End date:               Nov 05 2017
End time:               230 PM EST (Delaware County end time 135 PM EST)
End Location:           6W Celina Ohio / Mercer County / OH (6NE Eaton IN) 
End location:           40.5607 / -84.6854 (40.3788 / -85.2621 Delaware)

This survey represents a 39 mile tornado path which produced the heaviest 
damage near Portland, Indiana in Jay County served by the NWS Northern 
Indiana office which has further detail on the full path of the tornado. 

This portion of the track above represents the start of the tornado path
in Eaton, Indiana in northwest Delaware County served by NWS 
Indianapolis. The Delaware county portion revealed several buildings with 
partial roof damage and numerous trees either snapped or uprooted. 

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